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Attention!!! OMG he talks a lot, “Blah blah. I’m tough. I know so and so. Yada yada yada.” Click back now, save yourself!

About Trey Warme: I’m a business technology executive and technical sales consultant sitting on top of a fifteen-year career as a top senior enterprise information systems engineer living in Charlotte, NC by way of Marietta, GA, northern VA, República de Panamá, coastal NC, Las Vegas, NV and finally sunny San Diego, CA. I enjoy drawing upon my experience combined with unbridled creativity to improve upon discovery of methods to solve problems in people and technology, at times engaging one in order to solve the other. Check out my resume here.

Capitalizing on the interpersonal skills and professional maturity accrued from over 20 years of customer service management roles in multiple industries as well as the discipline and ingenuity attained from a range of technical project leadership roles throughout a 15 year cumulative immersion in progressively accountable responsibility for the direction of enterprise information technology infrastructure design, program management, daily operations and governance, I have proven ability to comprehend complex situations, think critically and to make strategic decisions. View my bio on the website I created for AgriSmart, Inc.

I’ve accumulated a detailed understanding of business environment requirements in many industries, along with the practical skills to align the integration of new technologies with current and predicted business needs, glued together by my ability to clearly articulate intelligible messages, persuade key decision makers, and manage all phases of business relations development. See my impressive list of professional and academic accomplishments on my LinkedIn profile.

I am motivated to not only be a top performer but driven to be the very best I can be. I have recognized skills in computer network systems engineering and leadership, which I am continually working to further develop, and have recently begun to enjoy honing my writing abilities, for which I intend this blog to be good practice.

Still reading? Want to know more about Trey Warme? I enjoy health, technology, running, being outdoors, cooking, photography, love good food in great company, and according to an ex-girlfriend, I found grand delight in torturing her ornery old Chihuahua, Chase, although he and I both knew he absolutely loved it.

About Trey WarmeHow about even more about Trey Warme – funny Trey facts: As a child, I was for some reason terrified of the purple background singer muppets in the original Muppet Show, “Mahna Mahna…m” skit when it first aired in the 1970’s, and then was reminded of just how silly I was when the skit regained popularity again in the early 2000’s, ” ahhh… the scary purple birds are back!” I misspelled my middle name until I was 31, yes really; I spelled it ending in ‘er’, the correct spelling is Hjalmar ending with an ‘ar’. Hjalmar is Swedish, the ‘H’ is silent, and the ‘j’ is pronounced like a ‘y’ in yo-yo. I can for some reason only whistle well while sucking air in instead of blowing out. My mastery of the English language leaves much to be desired, but for some reason, I cringe every time I hear someone end a sentence with a preposition, and that actually occurs quite frequently. I love Vietnamese and Thai food, mostly for the fish sauce, and yes I know what it is! I’m an opportunivore: eating pretty much whatever doesn’t eat me first, as long as they’re not lima beans, or worse yet, three-bean salad which I would gladly choose a long painful death over eating either. I love playing with rhetoric and have been told I can have a ‘clever way of stating the obvious.’

I take great pleasure in observing the threads of commonality that run through many of life’s pursuits and sometimes recognizing ways to apply those teachings to other areas of my personal and professional development.

About Trey WarmeMy life is about questioning, experimentation, sometimes learning from my failures and eventual discovery of ways to do it better than I thought possible.

Psheww… enough about me, let’s talk about you. The speed of new technology development today is simply out of control and can be difficult to comprehend without a solid understanding of the core fundamentals and a bird’s eye view of the evolution. And no matter what facet of any industry you may be, people are likely your biggest problem. My dream for this blog, “Uhhumm, I have a dream…”, is to share ideas that will help you make sense of the complicated stuff in technology and maybe explore a few commonalities in people, so you can focus on what you love and do best, which is continuing to be the best you at what you do, and being the you that only you can be.About Trey Warme

If you are still conscious after my lengthy dissertation, and maybe even actually somewhat enjoyed what you just read, please consider checking out my latest posts on the homepage of my blog. Thank you!

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