Drive Profits through In-Store Customer Engagement


Drive Profits through In-Store Customer Engagement | I AM TECHNOLOGY blog by Trey Warme, San Diego


Originally posted December 22, 2014 by Trey Warme on LinkedIn; Featured in LinkedIn Retail and E-Commerce channel


Enriched Visual Communications with Digital Signage

“Did you know that our attention span today is one second less than a goldfish’s attention span? You read that correctly, a goldfish has a greater attention span than we do. Why is this? Because we are constantly bombarded with information that is accessible at our fingertips. The information we receive in a day is equivalent to 174 newspapers of information, and this is all in one day. This is why it is so hard to keep an audience entertained, because you only have 8 seconds to do so. So what is the solution? Digital signage.” reports FWI Four Winds Interactive in their blog July earlier this year, an award-winning, industry-leader enterprise visual communications software company.

Let’s get visual.

DBSI, another award-winning, industry-leader in construction design and remodel services with focus on retail branches in the banking industry, shares on their Web site the results of one customer who saw immediate benefits from their conversion to digital visual communications, “Deciding to make the leap from their old rate board to new digital marketing signage has made an impact on GECU in many ways. No more manual postings in each of the 14 branches in Texas. Additionally, GECU was able to save money on printing and shipping costs, and increase in-branch compliance by eliminating the inevitable human error in posting the correct information – all while enhancing the branch experience and increasing member engagement.”

DBSI continues, “Once the credit union executives saw the ease of the centralized, real-time posting, their imaginations took over. Being able to market products and services directly was immediately evident. Changes, additions and new product announcements can be uploaded within seconds and transmitted across their entire network.

I observed during my tenure as Senior Network Engineer with CCCU California Coast Credit Union, that the biggest marketing initiative in branches is engaging members with visual communications through digital signage, particularly Drive Profits through In-Store Customer Engagement | I AM TECHNOLOGY blog by Trey Warme, San Diego - shake on itinteractive displays especially in branches serving younger members like the CCCU branch on the SDSU college campus. In order to not only compete in the highly-aggressive financial services arena, but to keep a competitive edge on other credit unions, critically important is effectively bringing awareness to members of additional services offered and how CCCU does it better while members are present in a branch where knowledgeable employees can answer any questions and also provide explanations that translate service features into benefits valued by the member.

Texts are only representations but people process images as reality. ~ Media Education Lab web site

FWI sums up the effectiveness of visual communications stating, “Digital signage is the answer because 40 percent of people will respond better to visualization than plain text, and 60 percent of people are visual learners. Think about it. If someone were to ask you to explain a square, would you try and write out an explanation or draw it. I’m imagining that you would draw it. People retain 80 percent of what they see rather than 20 percent of what they read, which is most likely because visuals are processed by our long term memory while text is processed by our short term memory. This is why digital signage can effectively communicate to your audience.”

What is your organization doing to increase profits by growing customer engagement? Are you successfully using digital communications to better share your services with in-store customers? I’d love to read your comments in the box below!

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