Mockingbird Found Love?


I AM TECHNOLOGYMockingbird found love? | I am technology. #blog by Trey Warme, San Diego - mockingbird singing

Mockingbird Found Love? | I am technology. #blog by Trey Warme, San Diego


For the past two and a half days, we’ve had a mockingbird incessantly flying from between a chair on the patio and crashing into the sliding glass door. In between crashes into the glass door, he sits, throws his head back and sings the most beautiful songs. He appears happy to do it, but he is doing it on repeat, all day.

He’s been chased and flies to the edge of the yard, then returns to hitting the glass as soon as you go inside.

He can see you inside when you’re close to the glass and either waits for you to move away or flies over and hits the other side of the glass than your standing near. If you open the sliding door, he flies to the fence, sings a song and just waits for you to go back inside before returning to hitting the glass.

We ate breakfast on the patio Sunday morning, hoping to break his pattern of his widow crashing routine. He courted us with song from the edge of the yard all through breakfast and returned to window slamming as soon as we went inside.. all day.

Mockingbird found love? | I am technology. #blog by Trey Warme, San Diego - mockingbird flyingI moved the screen door in front of the side of the glass door he was hitting only to have him alternate between rock climbing the screen door and flying into the exposed glass on the other side of the door. My girlfriend moved the chair closer to the glass, hoping he would maybe just sit and admire himself: no go, bird hitting glass continued. I see him sometimes hopping from around the side of the patio, hop up and hit the glass. He is creative and driven. He’s totally stressing out my girlfriend and her dog, though.

I researched our phenomenon on the Internet yesterday and found that our head banging flying friend is not crazy or an avian terrorist, but that this is actually a pretty common occurrence. The bird  is a male mockingbird. Who, honestly, felt like he was mocking me with his beautiful song flying just out of reach whenever I would go outside in attempt to shoo him. The male mockingbird is a territorial bird, who in mating, has claimed our back yard as his territory for love. The reason he is repeatedly hitting the glass is he sees his own reflection and is fending off his phantom competition for territorial rights to the yard. Generally they quit once they have an egg in the nest. Psheww.. that’s good news! Our feathered friend just gained my full support in finding a mate!

I tacked up a light plastic white floral print outdoor table cloth over the window to block the reflection this morning when our window tapping, peeping tom bird friend showed back up for his third days shift at fist light this morning. He spent the remainder of the morning repeatedly flying between the chair and hanging on the edge of the table cloth over the window to peer behind, kind of like, “I can’t see you, but I know you’re still there”, or flying between the chair and rock climbing the screen door.  For Pete’s sake, you never say die, do you bird?

Mockingbird found love? | I am technology. #blog by Trey Warme, San Diego - mocking bird eggsMid-afternoon today, it stopped. Birds singing, wind blowing, cars passing, no glass tapping. As happy as I am he has stopped tapping for now, I’m even more hopeful he found his mate and has his egg in nest. Thank you mockingbird. Here’s hoping your cleverness and determination paid off with some good loving, my avian friend…



What do you think? Have you ever had something like this happen to you? Let’s hear it in the comments!



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