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I am technology embraced | by John Butler | guest writer, guest blogger, guest post | I AM TECHNOLOGY blog by Trey Warme, San Diego


Welcome to the very first guest post on the new I AM TECHNOLOGY blog! Below is an email received from a blog reader last week and shared now with their permission, John Butler in San Diego, CA:

"I am technology embraced." by John Butler | Guest Writer, Guest Blogger, Guest Post | I AM TECHNOLOGY blog - tip hat

Good Morning Trey,

I am technology. I am also old school. I live my life as I would hope Henry David Thoreau would in this millennium. But, I am in no way trying to imitate my guru of simplicity, I am openly trying to emulate him by living simply and deliberately. Technology allows me to live my life instead of being managed by others. When I work, I travel the United States and Canada on temporary projects where I might be a software consultant for the federal government, a presenter for Google or training company employees on new technologies. In between those paying projects, after I’ve saved up a freedom-nest egg, I work on converting the 50-year old sailboat I live on to an electric edrive, install modern WiFi enabled electronics that can be iPad controlled, and plan my sailing to New Zealand adventure (hopefully, October, 2015); I work on writing a science fiction novel or on a romantic comedy based on Dante’s Divine Comedy. I have not owned a car since 2008 and get around town on my mountain bike, San Diego’s metro system and Amtrak if I need to scoot on up to Los Angeles to meet with a social media marketing client.

Technology is about working smarter, not name-dropping gadgets that you wear, carry, ingest nor insert. I don’t wear a watch and the phone I carry in the shoulder bag I wear across my back as I ride isn’t even turned on. If I am not on a 100% travel project, I return calls on Thursday mornings. All calls go through Google Voice and if you are rude to me, your’e dead to me as I actively block any and all who waste my time. My Macbook Air and iPad are iCloud synced so that my work is backed up and seamlessly updated. My office is wherever my shoulder bag and I are, be it Starbucks, my girlfriend’s condo or a local brewhouse.

I am technology embraced. My life isn’t about my annual income (which varies between $10,000 a year to well over $80,000), nor do I define myself by my job. Technology allows me to explore the freedom that fills the spaces between those contractual,  paying commitments; freedom to pursue my dreams, to write and to explore what I can do. Technology even allows me to extend those gaps if I find the need by being a self-employed, telecommuting content writer, a freelance trainer for one or two day training projects, or even to just carve out time to cut the dock lines and cruise the Channel Islands for a few months.

Thanks, Trey, for reminding me that I am technology. I never thought about it in those terms and I find it a little liberating.

Best of luck with the blog!John D. Butler - I am technology embraced


John D. Butler
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Thank you for sharing John! Your email brightened my day. Wishing you continued success and look forward to hearing about your New Zealand adventure! And most importantly, THANK YOU for stopping by the site to read the blogs!



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