Thank you for your career advice! Your response is requested…




 Thank you for your career advice! Your response is requested… | I AM TECHNOLOGY blog by Trey Warme, San Diego


What to write about next? I’ve written a few articles now with varying levels of success in getting feedback. I’ve read somewhere recently to write about current events and what you know. Well, I’m currently at a transition in my career and I know I can always use professional guidance. On top of the truly rewarding personal development I’m enjoying from writing articles, my major objective is after all to turn employer’s heads and find my next job. So, why not write something to tap into my rich resource of informed recruiters, industry leaders and career experts available in my network to share my current job search and to ask for your knowledgeable advice? That sounds like the most perfect next topic to fill my cup!

Hi, my name is Trey Warme. I’m a senior systems engineer who thrives on creatively solving people’s technology problems. After 15 years of progressive growth in the industry, I feel confident I can learn any technology as well as manage processes throughout a program lifecycle to realize improvement. I’m now discovering(or am finally admitting to myself) that I have an equal, if not perhaps an even greater, love for solving problems in people too. Problems, you say? Yes problems, I said. I view problems as interrelated challenges to be unraveled, translated into their values to an organization and then creatively improved upon until eliminated or at least managed to acceptable levels. Problems are challenges, and for me challenges are a ‘good problem’ to have!

Problems are challenges, and for me challenges are a ‘good problem’ to have!

I can feel myself transitioning in my thirst for new challenges into a desire to solve more problems connecting with people, like the challenges I imagine to be faced in roles relating to business development, sales or perhaps marketing. I want to build on top of my advanced systems engineering skills and continue to be a trusted advisor that helps organizations better relate technology to solving their problems so they can realize greater performance from improvements in their processes. After some research, I’m very interested in the responsibilities of a technical sales engineer. I feel that a position as technical sales engineer could provide my employer and I opportunities to both still profit from my advanced systems engineering skills plus give me an opportunity for additional development by working with people in solving their problems from a different position of influence. A technical sales engineer seems like it could be a great entry point for me into business development, sales or marketing, and appears it could perhaps be a next natural step in my career development.

Speaking of marketing, I have to admit, I’ve highly enjoyed the game of marketing myself in my venture to attract the attention of my next employer and people like you into reading this article. Admittedly, I’ve done less research, none truthfully, on the roles of marketing professionals, a marketer’s career track, or currently available industry opportunities. I just know that the strategizing and testing of my marketing efforts have been BIG fun! And my marketing efforts appear to be growing tremendously in successful outreach and response.

But wait, there’s still more… Recently also, I’ve discovered that writing is actually really fun too! I’m testing the waters of authorship on LinkedIn and now on my own blog that I just stood up just last week. I’ve tried to share helpful info on different relevant topics, even got a little personal and shared some totally embarrassing funny facts about Trey Warme on the about page of my blog. I’m testing a range of theories and efforts in marketing the articles on my blog including advertising efforts on varied social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook and Google+, plus good ole’ fashioned word of mouth marketing. I’m even testing Google Adsense ads on my blog for additional marketing training, and who knows, maybe make a buck: which by the way has yet to turn a profit; feel free to click on a product ad in my blog that interests you people (click one, I dare you). So, I’m also wondering if there maybe guerilla-writer or even full-time writing opportunities for a nerdy computer guy with lot’s to say?

Okay folks, here’s your time to shine. I have some questions. (notice questions is plural) To which, I would greatly appreciate your suggestions, or any related practical experience you can share, educated guesses, divinely inspired wisdom and even good hunches that you would be so kind as to enlighten me with. (whoa hey whoa… read the about page on my blog to see why I’m cringing from that last sentence; in my defense, it reads well and my intent is clear, right?)

If you’ll notice, suggestions is also plural above. Have tips for more than one question I pose below? Sock it to me! Let me hear ‘em.

  • Do you have any suggestions of how to make a transition to a role as technical sales engineer? Or what to expect during that transitional period?
  • How does someone bust into a marketing career? How did you?
  • Can a budding writer hope for additional take home reward beyond that good feeling you get inside? How do you recommend finding writing opportunities that pay?
  • Can you recommend beneficial training for any of the career interests I list?
  • Are there similar opportunities to what I’ve listed that I’m missing? Are there better questions I should be asking?
  • Is there a job role that wraps up all three, technical sales, marketing and writing?
  • And one more. Okay four. How am I doing? What do you like? What would you do different? What can I do better?


Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to read this article and for your expertise shared in your comments. The favor of your response is requested. This would all be for naught, if I did not also offer my skills and services to you. Please feel free to reach out if I can assist you professionally or personally. It would be my honor to help you however I can. I thank you for this opportunity!




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